Don’t be known as the company that hosts corporate events at boring convention centers or bowling alleys. Instead, give your employees and clients something exciting to look forward to at our True North Axe Throwing Center.

The best teams are the ones that know how to work hard and play hard together. Our facility allows you to do both. With more than 12 lanes, there’s room for every group in the office.

You’ll learn the best axe-throwing techniques, important safety tips and how to improve employee bonding.

Corporate Events Facilitate Communication

Our event center is ideal for getting to know your colleagues better. While one person is throwing the axes, the rest are kept in a safe area.
This area is great for those personal conversations you don’t have time for during the workday. It’s also perfect for mixing up groups and introducing employees to people they don’t typically communicate with during the day.

It’s so easy to stay in the same clique every day at work. However, employees who branch out are typically happier and more productive. Help facilitate this ideal by planning your events at an area that encourages conversations.

Our axe-throwing center is also great for giving your employees a positive boost. During the process, your team will learn how to let go of daily stresses. They’ll be able to bond over a fun activity without worrying about an encroaching deadline. And best of all, they’ll receive encouragement from their co-workers for their efforts — even if the axe doesn’t hit the target.


Surprise the VIPs with Axe Throwing Events

While our corporate events are great at encouraging colleague dialogue, they are even better at impressing your executives and important clients.

Show your VIPs that your team isn’t afraid to take risks and get the job done.

Trust us, your clients will be impressed with the creativity and uniqueness of the event. While standard suit-and-tie corporate events are nice, they are much too common. As a result, it doesn’t take long for them to fade from our memories.

On the other hand, we guarantee that your event here with us will last in employees’ minds for a long time. In fact, don’t be surprised if they gush about it to colleagues and business partners.

Plan Your Unique Corporate Event

It’s never too early to start planning for your corporate events. Make your party incredible this year by hosting it at True North Axe Throwing. With dozens of events every year, we know how to create meaningful experiences for everyone involved.

Our event-planning specialists will help you arrange all the details. Call us to learn more about our packages and available dates. Or just stop by our facilities. We are located in Lehi, Utah, and Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.